More goods for 「ayumi hamasaki ~POWER of MUSIC~ 2011 A」 have been revealed.

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A T-shirt featuring a drawing and words, done by ayu herself for Vivi DejiDeji Diary.

Sizes: S/M/L/XL
Price: ¥3,500

※ Sizes cannot be changed after ordering, so please confirm sizes before making an order.
※ This shirt may not have the same size fittings as 【Hamasaki Ayumi×ViVi Collab Charity T-shirt】, so please take note.

Eco Bag
Similar to the T-shirt, an eco bag featuring the design by ayu.
Able to be folded up into a small packet and placed into handbags when not in use.

Price: ¥1,200
Size: ■When open: 370mm x 380mm x 100mm ■When folded: 120mm x 110mm x 15mm
Material: Polyester



Light Uchiwa
Following last year’s concert, the light colour for this tour will be PINK!
This year, even the background base of the uchiwa is pink too ♪

Price: ¥1,200
Size: 397mm x 228mm

Following last year’s concert, the light colour for this tour will be PINK!

Price: ¥1,000
Size: 174mm x 12mm

A sports towel with a pink base and the logo mark as a flashy design.

Price: ¥2,500
Size: 400mm x 1,050mm

Muffler Towel
A muffler towel with pink and red striped base, and the logo mark as a design.

Price: ¥2,000
Size: 200mm x 1,110mm

A simple wristband, with the logo mark on a pink/black base.

Price: ¥1,200
Size: 75mm x 80mm

A poster with HOTEL Love songs TOUR’s main visual.

Price: ¥500
Size: 515mm x 728mm

Letter Set
Contains a postcard designed with HOTEL Love songs TOUR’s main visual, and writing paper, envelopes and sealing stickers with the logo mark design. All are placed within a pocket case, making it a wonderful item ♪

Price: ¥1,300
Size: 242mm x 171mm
Contains: 12 pieces of writing paper (6 pink, 6 yellow), 6 envelopes (3 pink, 3 yellow), 1 postcard, 1 sticker sheet

A large-sized bag designed with HOTEL Love songs TOUR’s main visual, big enough to hold all the other tour goods.

Price: ¥3,000
Size: ■Body: 370mm x 560mm x 190mm ■Handle: 30mm x 590mm

Wooden Hanger
An item made to be long-lasting and well-loved by all: an original wooden hanger with the logo mark. With notches at the sides for easy hanging!

Price: ¥1,800
Size: 230mm x 380mm x 30mm

This strap features a visual look that was specially taken for the tour, and can also be used as a keyholder instead. With the photo image printed onto soft leather, this strap is just sofisticated!

Price: ¥1,600
Size: 210mm x 55mm

Travel Set (Refill Packs)
An item that surely every girl wishes to have! An original refill pack set that matches well with body colour, these PINK and RED coloured items are sure to be enjoyed during travels!

Price: ¥2,200
Size: ■Bottle: 50ml ■Cream case: 7ml ■Tube: 30ml

A pink hairbrush with the HOTEL Love songs TOUR’s main visual design on it! The brush bristles are fitted with ceramide to retain moisture in the hair when brushing ♪

Price: ¥1,000
Size: 160mm x 53mm

Crest (3 designs)
Embroidered crests featuring the HOTEL Love songs logo mark, an iron-on item that can be attached onto any surface ♪
All 3 designs have a pink base! Which one you get will be a surprise.

Price: ¥700
Size: 60mm x 51mm

※ There is no choosing of designs.

『Love songs』 ayupan Keyholder
A well-stocked keyholder, with 2 different coloured hearts, a logo mark charm, and 『Love songs』ayupan holding a heart.

Price: ¥1.800
Size: 135mm

『Love songs』 ayupan Ballpen (with case)
A ballpen with 『Love songs』ayupan holding a heart.
Comes with a case printed with the logo mark.

Price: ¥1.200
Size: ■Ballpen: 175mm ■Case: 90mm x 210mm
Ink Colour: Black



ayupan×HelloKitty Chocolate Crunch
A collaboration item between 『Love songs』ayupan and HelloKitty ★
This item features a drawing of ayupan in a dress and Kitty-chan, holding hands in a pastel setting.
To match with the chocolate crunch snacks, a bucket case suitable for accessory storage is being sold together ♪

Price: ¥1.500
Size: ■Chocolate crunch: 85mm x 55mm ■Bucket: 135mm x 130mm
Contains: 5 milk chocolate crunch, 5 white chocolate crunch
Expires within 180 days.

※ Store item away from high humidity and direct sunlight.

ayupan×HelloKitty Mirror (2011)
A collaboration item between 『Love songs』ayupan and HelloKitty ★
This item features a drawing of ayupan in a dress and Kitty-chan, holding hands in a pastel setting.
A soft milk base-coloured mirror that can stand on its own on a flat surface ♪

Price: ¥2.200
Size: 163mm x 260mm

ayumi hamasaki Collaboration with DEICA
Aroma brand DEICA and Hamasaki Ayumi’s collaboration item.
Packaging and bottle are designed with the logo mark. The A logo on the bottleneck ring and the shape of the rose have all been personally vetted by ayu and DEICA!

Price: ¥6,000
Size: 330mm x 65mm x 65mm
Main Scent: Tsubaki + Geranium
Expiry: 3 months
Volume: 180ml

※ Item contains ethanol and glass.
※ As this item requires special production, it will not be delivered with the rest of the goods. This item will only be sent out in July.


Keyholders which have each tour date inscribed on it, just like room numbers at a hotel.
For venues with 2 dates, the first day will be PINK, and the second day RED!

Colours: PINK, RED
Price: ¥1,200


※ Due to availability, items may be sent out late because of the Tohoku Pacific Quake Incident, so please take note.
※ Even in the case of late deliveries, cancellation requests will not be entertained, so please make sure before placing orders.