ayu_19980408: A cute sleeping face…

ayu_19980408: But an un-cute sleeping pose.

ayu_19980408: Selamat menikmati☆

ayu_19980408: Because there is surely noone anywhere in this world who is used to losing
(Misa’s note: ayu quotes November lyrics)

keitamaruyama: Three months. People are still here, I know it’s normal. Even so, there is still a feeling of unease and anxiety today. I know it can’t be changed, but if I were to return to 3 months ago, I’ll still wonder what things would be like if it hadn’t happened.
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mmanaho: Today’s the third month. There are still 90,000 people living in shelters now, and over 8000 missing.
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ayu_19980408: Today’s sunset sky is as gentle as you.
(Misa’s note: ayu quotes BALLAD lyrics)

mikajohn: Last week, I resigned as company president. This is to explain why there were no aid support activities over the weekend. I’ll be able to devote myself solely to creative work from now on, so I feel that I’ve made a good decision, for the customers, the company and myself. I’ll continue to work hard ☆
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ayu_19980408: Crying at mummy’s resolution. From your respectful daughter, with applause. Really looking forward to you flying to greater heights ☆