With yesterday’s show at Yoyogi National Gymnasium,

the battle of the first half of 『POWER of MUSIC~2011 A』 has ended!!

And starting from the 30 September show at Osaka Jou Hall,

『POWER of MUSIC~2011 A FINAL Chapter』 will return,

with Hamasaki Ayumi leading the best performance troupe, the A Troupe, which has evolved yet again!!!!

So until that day, it’s a short separation…… BUT

on 30 July this week, a-nation 2011 will have a show at Ehime!!!

We’re a busy troupe. (laugh)

BUT!!! ( ̄o ̄)/

We won’t give up on anything,

so a-nation will be done with a BA~NG☆ as well!!!!

This summer, we will shine even more strongly and brightly ↑↑↑

Let us dash through this hot, hot summer together!!!!(≧▽≦)ノ

Caption: Bye bye

A STAFF Minazou


Misa’s note: The entry was edited a few hours later, with this 2nd photo replacing the first.

Caption: From POWER of MUSIC to a-nation 2011