This is sudden, but,

『Mosha』→(translated) To eat

『Masai』→(translated) To misspell/omit words, to behave strangely

And more, all these words from ayu language (?!)

Plus one more really popular one…

『Matsuki』→(translated) To sleep, to fall asleep

He did.

He really did.

At the edge of the gathering ground for a-nation performers and staff,

that guy that the word


originated from.


It’s Matsuki-san!!

He’s sleeping at this strange place!! (lol)

What’s more, his self-proclaimed “treasured” camera was made into a pillow…

Matsuki-san is Matsuki-ing.

And that was our Slang → Photo Scoop!! (^▽^;)

A STAFF Minazou