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Hamasaki Ayumi visits HK and interacts with fans, rumoured boyfriend accompanying her everywhere

Hamasaki Ayumi, who reached HK last Saturday, initially planned to leave the country the following day, but changed her plans at the last minute. Last night, around 10 fans waited outside the hotel to greet their idol, but Hamasaki stayed hidden in her room. At 7:45pm, she finally emerged, accompanied by many staff members as well as rumoured boyfriend Shu-ya.

Wearing a sleeveless midriff-baring top plus hipster shorts, Hamasaki immediately spotted the waiting fans and walked over to sign autographs and take photos. Some female fans also took photos with Shu-ya. During the autograph session, Hamasaki was sweating from the heat, and the staff members immediately brought out a fan to help cool her down.

After 15 minutes, Hamasaki, Shu-ya and others boarded a 7-seater car bound for Causeway Bay to have dinner, and only returned to the hotel late at night. At 9am on the 5th, Hamasaki revealed on Twitter that she was already at the airport, and would be flying off to New York. Ditching her initial plan to return to Japan, she probably changed her schedule so she could meet up with her husband.