From today, 21 September on, the collab trench coats will go on sale, and they are packed with lots of details by Hamasaki Ayumi!

The coats are of the single-breasted design, with a wide flared hem reminiscent of a dress, outlining a totally feminine silhouette. Made of waterproof gabardine, the impressionistic Aquascutum buttons give a vintage feel, making for an overall cute minidress-like coat. Aquascutum’s unique feature: the checked underside, and a collab double nametag 「Aquascutum x Hamasaki Ayumi」 make these coats extremely special.

On Sale from 21 September 2011
Stores: Limited Coat Event Booth (from 21 September at all major department stores) and all Aquascutum shops
Price: ¥72,450
Colour on display: Black

From 21 September, customers who purchase from the Coat Event Booth at all major department stores will be entitled to a free novelty gift. (Gifts are limited in number)

For more details on the Coat Event, please check the below URL.

Aquascutum x Hamasaki Ayumi Campaign Site: