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On 13 September, ADAM JUNO graced the giant billboard at la foret Harajuku, holding EVE in his arms.
Finally, today, EVE lifts her veil!


It’s Hamasaki Ayumi-san!

So many people took part in the WHO’S EVE? campaign.

There were many who made the correct guess after noticing the red bracelet she was wearing on her right wrist!

Today, new visuals of her and LANDS OF Eden’s muse JUNO-san have been revealed.

These billboards will stay up till 20 October, so please come to take a look at them.

And then, from today on, the items worn by ayu have started to go on sale.

Firstly, we have this back-cross leather shirt!

ayu has arranged the shirt according to the way she wants to wear it, creating her own style!
The price is ¥49,875.
This can be worn as casualwear for the upcoming autumn, or as innerwear beneath a winter coat, and is a really fashionable piece.
And next, we have this!

A checked back print shirt-cum-maxi-dress & LOVE T-shirt & denim shorts!

The printing behind looks like this.

A full body coordination that you can adopt today.

The prices,

Checked shirt-cum-maxi-dress ¥9,975
LOVE T-shirt ¥3,990
Denim shorts ¥6,930

The third item is this!

This cross knit worn by ayu costs ¥5,985!

It’s really easy to wear, and has a fashionable design, so it’ll probably sell really well.

If you wear a shirt inside like this, it’s really cute too.

In the upcoming 3 days of holiday, many more new items will be delivered to us, so please come to the shop to take a look!