ayu_19980408: TA is updated.

ayu_19980408: This is a little late… but thank you so much for the celebratory night overflowing with love. I hope it was a night full of very wonderful memories for everyone.. ☆

mikajohn: The stars tonight was so beautiful, it’s idiotic.
ayu_19980408: The sky is so beautiful that it’s painful. I wonder if my wish will reach the stars…

ayu_19980408: Today is a cold n sunny day!!! This is Tokyo’s winter ☆

MotokiMinei: Shall I wear this pink shirt out today?! This shirt is great!
ayu_19980408: My guest, are your eyes prickly? You’ll know it if you come (´ω`)

yu_kanazawa: So this is happiness ♥
ayu_19980408: The right lion? Or the left lion?