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So so, for this issue of Deji Deji, here’s a special release of a part of the “LIFE STYLE BOOK” which was announced in the Deji Deji issue last month, just a small fleeting glance. Yeah ♪ I’m just bursting with wild ideas~ ♥ Chu!~


A Report on
『Hamasaki Ayumi x ViVi Collab Charity T-shirt』
Featured in ViVi’s May Issue

We sincerely hope that all who have been affected by the Eastern Japan Earthquake Disaster on 11 March 2011 are doing well.

Thanks to the support of many, sales of the charity T-shirt have reached 82,092 pieces, raising a total of ¥123,138,000 which had been donated to Japan Red Cross. We are grateful to everyone for their warm support. Thank you so much.