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New Year’s
5 January 2012. 12:16:14

On New Year’s, I took a miraculous photo which looks just like a CD jacket cover  

But but but, if you look closelyyyyyyyy…

(Caption: Look here)

There’s a plastic greenhouse 

Yes, on New Year’s, I went back to my granny’s place, where I haven’t been able to visit for the past 6 years 

As far as I can see, fields and fields and plots and plots and farmhouses and fields and plots and farmhouses 

It’s the best place  that totally refreshed my heart and body 

Of course, Hana-chan came along too 

Hana is so warm, and makes me wonder, “Is she really a dog?”, and I love that about her 

Even at granny’s, she takes up position right in front of the stove and curls into a ball there, just like a cat  (laugh)

And she’s really temperamental too, always excited and loitering around granny and my cousin, begging to play 
But she was really so cute  

She seems to hate taking photos, but I’ll try my best to take better shots for everyone next time 
Please take care of Hana-chan and Kana-chan this year too