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Whole Family?
9 January 2012. 23:51:30

Actually, up till yesterday I was at some venue to do a live  (Details will come later )

And I saw something interesting there 

Whole Family

The first time I saw it, I was so shocked that I had to take a photo  

Apart from that, this was the first time I performed live at that venue, and it was really fresh and exciting 
I received such a warm welcome from everyone there, and I wish to meet them again, and to go there on my own for a vacation. It’s my new favorite location 
It’ll be great if I can go there again 

And then and then, here was my costume for the live 

I had a pompadour hairstyle tied with a ribbon 

Changing topic again,

Congrats to all those who have become adults today 

I myself became an adult 3 years ago, but… Has it really been 3 years? 
I was writing an essay just now when I realized it. Time really flies!!
Everyone, please make sure to use your time well and enjoy yourselves 

I’m sure a wonderful wonderful adult life is waiting for you  

  Congrats to the new adults