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Ayu’s Deji Deji Diary Vol. 140 May

For this issue’s Deji Deji, we have off-shots from the PVs of New Album 「Party Queen」, released on 21/3~!! Lots of famous spots in London make their appearance, so that’s something to look out for ♪ Those who are in the know will recognize the legendary club and accompanying street outside. And there’s that real-life tank, and that thermal power station where a huge image of me was projected onto the wall. And there’s that dress with the train exceeding 100m long, blown around by wind speeds of 20m. (laugh) Do enjoy them~ ♡♡


Hamasaki Ayumi LIFE STYLE BOOK Extension Notice
Hamasaki Ayumi LIFE STYLE BOOK, which was to be released 21/3, will have its release date pushed back.
ViVi’s editing department and Hamasaki Ayumi have worked hard to complete the book by the initial release date, but in order to provide the readers with “new and more accurate information and content”, we have decided to push back the release date, in order to have more time to create a better, more complete LIFE STYLE BOOK.
The new release date and other information will be released on Hamasaki Ayumi and Vivi’s official webpage.