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Goods Intro ☆
8 April 2012. 14:52

~HOTEL Love songs~
Day 2 at Saitama ♪

Today, we’ll be introducing the goods
for this tour!

the A Logo is designed with an eyemask and a whip
and all items
carry this logo mark on leopardprint of 5 different colors.
There’s lots of items this time round too ☆

The goods booths
are super popular,
with long queues forming early in the morning!

At the venue,
we’re selling the DEICA collaboration goods again.
It’s bath oil this time ★

They have a special booth with testers,
and if you pass by,
you can smell a really great fragrance!

The doors will open soon.

And so, we’ll be waiting for lots of customers from all over Japan
to come and stay over with us.