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Osaka Show Day 1 ☆
14 April 2012. 15:18

~HOTEL Love songs~,
which had its grand opening last week,
is starting with the location shows today!

The Osaka show, first in line,
started off with great weather, as the rains stopped yesterday,
and the sakura are in full bloom too ☆

And going around the venue,
surrounding Osaka Jou Hall,
the queue for tour goods has appeared!

Goods sales began at 14:30~!

Today too, a special booth selling the DEICA collaboration bath oil
is set up nearby too

On sale ☆ Surrounded by the great fragrance.

You’ll get to see Nacchan’s wonderful smile too ♪

And that was the live report
on the goods sales.

We’ll be waiting for lots of customers
to stay over today too.
Let’s spend this time with care.