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4 May 2012. 02:50

Thank you to all
for staying over at Hotel Love songs Fukui branch today!!
This is Midori, in charge of the front desk.

To everyone who stayed over today, how did you find our hotel?

At our Fukui branch,
the setting is such that we could see everyone’s faces really clearly,
and your passion and expressions and voices managed to reach us directly!!
“We won’t lose out to you!!!”
Thinking that, we gave our full power without holding back too!!

To all customers who had stayed over and all who will stay over,
I am confident that we will definitely give you
a great, wonderful wake-up call the next day!!

Gorgeous, brilliant, fun, sorrowful, transcient…
We offer you something that cannot be expressed with a single word, something that cannot be fully experienced with just one try.
So all the staff will be waiting for you to stay over again.

And then, after sending everyone off,
general manager gave a huge birthday cake
to EMI-chan and KO-kun, who had their birthdays a few days ago,
and everyone had a delicious meal~ ♪(*^^*)
Ah, it was so delicious!!

To everyone who will be staying over tomorrow, please take care!!