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「Watashitachi」 Chaku-uta Start *
25 April 2012. 07:37:33

You are the only one
who knows me more than I know myself______

Chaku-uta for new song 「Watashitachi」 is released today 
Please check it out 

This is a song about friends, following 「Best Friend」 

Actually, this song is modeled after myself and a friend of mine.

Girl friends are like our mothers, our lovers, our little sisters, our big sisters,

just who are you, really?!

That’s how much she understands me. It’s scary. In the end, she knows everything.

We’ve spent lots of time together, went through so much. In the future, no matter what enjoyable or shocking things come, we’ll probably go through it together as well, laughing and crying 

When we go on a date with a precious someone, the other is there to pick out the best outfit for us,

we see each other through failed diets, spend so much time together,

and when we fight with our boyfriends, the other will always come to give support,

that’s why,

let’s laugh until we cry whenever we screw something up 

Let’s have long conversations about nothing at all 

Let’s not get angry when the other calls in the middle of the night 

Let’s do lots of fun things, let’s fail in many others, let’s become wonderful adults 

And even as adults, let’s still stay the same as we are 

I wish that everyone and their friends will always be best buddies forever 

And then, some information 

Finally, the venues for Arena Tour are confirmed 

It’s like a dream, being able to have a concert with everyone in an arena  And the tour is opening in my hometown, Mie!! So excited 

★★★★Arena Tour Detailed Announcement★★★★★★★★★★★★★★
To commemorate the release of new single 「Watashitachi」,
here are some details about Nishino Kana’s first Arena Tour!

The much-awaited Nishino Kana Arena concerts have been confirmed!

The fastest way to get tickets will be through the lottery campaign
on official fanclub site “Nishinoke”!

【Kanayan Tour 2012~Arena~】
13 Oct 2012 (Sat) Mie Sun Arena open 16:00/start 17:00
17 Oct 2012 (Wed) Hiroshima Green Arena open 18:00/start 19:00
01 Nov 2012 (Thu) Marine Messe Fukuoka open 18:00/start 19:00
08 Nov 2012 (Thu) Nagoya, Nippon Gaishi Hall open 18:00/start 19:00
09 Nov 2012 (Fri) Nagoya, Nippon Gaishi Hall open 18:00/start 19:00
13 Nov 2012 (Tue) Osaka Jou Hall open 18:00/start 19:00
14 Nov 2012 (Wed) Osaka Jou Hall open 18:00/start 19:00
23 Nov 2012 (Fri.PH) Saitama Super Arena open 16:45/start 18:00
24 Nov 2012 (Sat) Saitama Super Arena open 15:45/start 17:00

■Price: ¥6,300 (fixed seats), ¥5,800 (standing spots)
※Each person can purchase up to 4 tickets.
※Children younger than elementary school age will not be allowed entry. Elementary school children will be charged, and must be accompanied by an adult.
■Producer: Sony Music Artists / H.I.P.
Collaborator: SME Records

※The lottery campaign for Nishinoke members will only apply for those who hold membership by the date 31 May 2012.

More details on Nishinoke’s website!
「Watashitachi」 Chaku-uta(R)