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Disembarkation at Hiroshima!!!
7 July 2012. 16:48


This is Micchii, who listened to general manager’s summer songs on today’s flight, and so arrived in Hiroshima in high spirits (*^▽^*)
Already in high spirits, we managed to meet up with lots of smiles at the airport too, and our excitement increased by lots more~♪

General manager seemed so happy~(*^ー^)ノ♪
Hehehe ☆

And so!!
Our Hiroshima branch will open for today and tomorrow, and we’ll be presenting the very best to you in these 2 days, no holding back!!!
All the customers staying over, do come with your towels.
Girls, bring along your make-up kits (←Let’s party until our make-up gets all messy! laugh) ☆

And then, it’s Tanabata today too!!!
I wish for everyone’s wishes to come true.. ☆
And so, let’s make today a HOT day with a SMILE!!

A-CHORUS Micchii