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Day 1 POV (^_-)-☆ Emi ☆
8 July 2012. 01:48

Good evening!

This is Emi, who is a redhead for this tour!

Today is the 7th of July, or Tanabata!

Has everyone made their wishes? (^ ^)

I’ve already made mine~

I hope it’ll come true~ (^O^☆♪

There were lots of these wonderful tanzakus backstage!!!

Everyone wrote their wishes down~♪

By the way, everyone went for some okonomiyaki today~ (^O^☆♪

We had so much fun, so we’re all smiles!!

It was so delicious~ (^з^)-☆

Thank you so much to everyone who came over to stay today!

We’ll be waiting for lots more people to come stay over tomorrow too ☆