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Memories of Stayover ☆ Nagoya Branch Finale!!!
8 July 2012. 11:00

Everyone, thank you for your patience.

For the finale at HOTEL Love songs Nagoya branch, everyone in the venue became one and partied so hard, enveloped in lots of hot sweat and emotional tears ☆

We present to you some memorable photos of everyone who stayed over on that finale, with a DODO—–N!

The weather was bad with strong rain and winds, so we really want to thank everyone for showing your wonderful smiles to our camera!!!

So… we have an announcement here!

A few days ago, the cover photos for the anticipated summer song best album “A SUMMER BEST” was revealed on the official website. Now, you can receive a limited edition original postcard with a unique design that you can’t get anywhere else other than at the TOUR venues, just by preordering the album ☆

So please do visit the preorder booth during your stayover.