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Memories of Stayover ☆ Osaka Day 4!!!
28 July 2012. 18:30

Day 4 at the Osaka branch was so sunny, making the rains from the previous day seem like a lie ☆

The strong sunshine shone down and it was a really hot summer’s day, but the live was a hot, hot, hot night as well!!!

The Osaka branch LIVEs are legendary for the crowd’s loud voices, and the earsplitting cheers when general manager appeared on stage on Day 4 made us wonder if the venue was rocking on its foundations!?
And the ayu call which resonated throughout the venue was truly unforgettable too!
The power of Osaka which we felt during these 2 days was truly awesome!

And then, let’s quickly show off some photos of the smiles of everyone who stayed over on Day 4 at the Osaka branch wih a DOOOOOON! ☆

And the baton of sparkling smiles passes from Osaka to Shizuoka ☆