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Hamasaki Ayumi belts out songs in gakuran and netted tights

On the 17th, singer Hamasaki Ayumi (33) performed at rock band Kishidan’s festival “Kishidan Banpaku 2012”, a 2-day event held in Sodegaura city, Chiba. For the first time, she performed in a gakuran costume.

Readily consenting to Kishidan main vocal Ayanokouji Sho’s call of love, ayu made her first appearance at a festival aside from a-nation. Modeling Ayanokouji’s costume, ayu dressed rebel-style in a gakuran and netted tights, responding to everyone’s anticipation by belting out 6 songs including the hit “evolution” and taking all 25,000 audience by surprise. Then, a quick costume change to a T-shirt printed with “WE ♥ Kishidan”, and a shout-out of “Thank you to Kishidan!”. Even Ayanokouji was grateful, commenting that “I didn’t know gakuran can look so cute! If they sell that T-shirt, I’d buy it”.