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Hamasaki Ayumi, a personal challenge, every 8th of the month is “ayu day”

In anticipation of her 15th Anniversary since her debut on 8 April next year, artiste Hamasaki Ayumi has announced on the 25th a campaign of consecutive releases for 5 months from November to March next year, on the 8th of every month.

The idea for this campaign was born through discussions Hamasaki had with her staff; “What can we do as we move towards our 15th Anniversary?” The result is a countdown-style release campaign to 8 April, a style different from the usual Wednesday releases common in the music industry. In response to this new campaign of 5 consecutive releases, Hamasaki commented that “I’ll be releasing lots of new songs, and I hope that this campaign will be filled with feelings of gratitude for all the fans who have supported me thus far, so please look forward to it”.

◆ Repeat collab with “Tales of”

Chapter 1 is a mini-album titled “LOVE”, to be released on 8 November. It contains a total of 12 tracks, including 3 new songs “Song 4 u”, “Melody” and “Missing”, and remix tracks of “You&Me”, released this summer, mixed by Shinichi Osawa and Remo-con.

“Song 4 u” is the theme song for game “Tales of Xillia 2”, to be released 1 November, and was first revealed on 23 September at the “Tokyo Game Show 2012” held at Makuhari Messe. This is the second collaboration work with the “Tales of” series, after “progress” from mini-album “FIVE” last August. This new song is also a powerful work, full of majestic viewpoints and speed.

“Melody” is a medium ballad composed by Hoshino Yasuhiko, while “Missing” is a medium number with a rock taste, composed by Hara Kazuhiro. Both composers have had a hand in creating many of Hamasaki’s hit tracks, so anticipation for this mini-album is high.

Hamasaki will be holding the finale concerts for her nationwide arena tour “ayumi hamasaki ARENA TOUR 2012 A ~HOTEL Love songs~” on 10, 11 October at Yoyogi First Gymnasium.