It’ll be ayu’s 15th Anniversary soon, so let us know what is your favourite ayu song!

Poll Ends 16 November (Fri) 18:00

All songs released on singles, limited release singles, albums, mini albums, remix albums, best albums and analogue discs are up for polling!

– Please key in the song name correctly using the standard English alphabet. Any mistakes in the type or spelling will render the vote null.
– Each person can only submit one vote. Votes cannot be changed once submitted.

Polling site:

How to poll:
1. Click on the link provided above.
2. Log-in using your TA account ID and password.
3. Fill in the blanks on the next page. The top blank “ペンネーム” asks for your name, the bottom blank “あなたの好きな楽曲” for the title of your favorite song. Press the blue button “確認する” to proceed.
4. Review your choice on the confirmation page. Click the left blue button “修正する” to change your choice, or the right blue button “送信する” to confirm.
5. You’re done once you see the message “ご応募ありがとうございました♪”!!