★ TeamAyu original gift: Original Necklace

★ TeamAyu + mu-mo shop original gift: Original Bracelet


Purchase Links:
TeamAyu Official Shop: http://tinyurl.com/bjcyrof
TeamAyu Official Shop (overseas): http://tinyurl.com/aaqmgaf
mu-mo Shop: http://tinyurl.com/bgfxbuq
mu-mo Shop (overseas): http://tinyurl.com/arm5go5


※ Preorders made before 12 December 2012 (Wed) 12:00 will receive their order on the release date itself. Any later preorders will be delivered at a later date.
※ Please note that site access may differ for each time zone.
※ Preorders cannot be made over the phone.
※ Overseas preorders will begin at the same time as local preorders.
※ Please use the “Enquiries” function in mu-mo shop for questions regarding items, how to purchase, and delivery times.