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Nippon Gaishi Hall ☆ Day 1!!!
25 April 2013. 09:05

These days, lots of praises from all the fans about “ayumi hamasaki 15th Anniversary TOUR ~A BEST LIVE~”, which started off at Saitama Super Arena, have been coming in through Twitter and other places!!

And with that, we welcomed Day 1 at Nippon Gaishi Hall yesterday (^O^)/♪

As expected of our troupe leader, the rain girl.

It was a stormy Day 1! (laugh)

Many famous tracks were revealed, highlighting troupe leader ayu’s 15th Anniversary. The evolution of history from this year’s live could be felt through our eyes, ears and body. With that, we all got high together, and will continue to create memorable times for Day 2 today too! (^○^)

So, our whole troupe is sincerely looking forward to meeting with everyone’s sparkling smiles today ☆

Let’s take care and spend this time well!!