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26 April 2013. 17:36


Thank you all so much for the 2 days at Nagoya!!! This is Nagoya native, dancer Midori (*´ω`*)ゞ

As usual, Nagoya always exceeds our expectations! Everyone’s passion and cheers were as awesome as we expected, and we really sweated so much (>人<;)

Because this tour is a commemoration of ayu-chan’s 15th Anniversary, the show will of course be amazing. And we hav also powered up with the addition of new members \(^o^)/

Today, I will introduce such a person ♪

This is female dancer LICO-chan ♪

This pose is really popular amongst the female dancers these days… (laugh)

She has taken part in past lives as a dancer, and this time, she is joining the main troupe of as one of us female dancers!! She’ll be showing everyone her powerful, cute & sexy dancers without holding back ☆

With this tour being a feast for the eyes, the setlist was also put together through everyone’s requests, so there’s definitely lots to look forward to!!!

Even those who have come to see it, want to come to watch it again… That’s what this live is like (*≧艸≦)

And so, reveling in the aftertaste of the wonderful passion at Nagoya, our fighting spirits are burning for the next show!
And then, the troupe will continue to grow. So when we return to Nagoya in June, make sure that you have powered up when you come to support us again!!

And so, thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

※Everyday, lots of people are working hard.

A-DANCER ☆ Midori