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Nippon Gaishi Hall ☆ Memorial commemorative photos!!!
27 April 2013. 17:00

The first local shows are the 2 Days at Nagoya!!!

It was a hot hot live overflowing with heat \(^_^)/

Before the show, the ayu call ♪ was as loud as if it was the encore. It really made an impression, and wrapped in these loud voices, we got super high these 2 days!

So quickly, we’ve uploaded lo—-ts of memorial commemorative photos of the fans who spent this hottest 2 days at Nagoya together with us (^-^)/

Firstly, Nagoya Day 1 ♪

Thank you so much for cooperating despite the strong rain and wind!

And then, Day 2 was sunny, a complete change from Day 1 ♪

There’s really so many cosplayers in Nagoya, we’re amazed all the time.

Everyone’s feelings for troupe leader reached out totally, and the tension was really high even before the start of the show \(*^▽^*)/

Surrounded by lots of love from everyone, the Nagoya shows have ended successfully.

The troupe promises to power up more and return again in June!!

Let’s meet again with smiles here at Nippon Gaishi Hall (^_^)