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Osaka Jou Hall ☆ Day 2!!!
21 May 2013. 04:14

Following Day 1, Day 2 of the Osaka shows a few days ago ended successfully with the highest spirit all unique to Kansai!

The high tension and power of everyone gathered at Osaka Jou Hall were so amazing, it was such a hot, hot!! live, that everyone in the venue could have felt their body temperature rising \(≧∇≦)/

So, let’s hurry and upload commemorative photos of the memories of everyone who took part in Day 2 at Osaka Jou Hall with a DODO~N!!! (^-^*)/

Thank you so much to everyone who gathered for the 2days at Osaka for lots of smiles and power!

We will power up and return once again to Osaka Jou Hall in July, so look forward to that and continue to give us all your support!!!