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Sanwa Arena (Aomori Ken Ei Skate Jou) ☆ Day 1!!!
26 May 2013. 09:55

And~ We finally did it ☆ The first show at Aomori! (^-^)/

Yesterday, Hamasaki Ayumi held, for the first time in these 15 years since her debut, her very first!! show at Aomori ♪(*^^)

It was so cold outside the venue that one got goosebumps, but the Aomori ayu fans were so hot for the first ever show!!! That’s all we can say ☆

Everyone in the audience got so high, with their irreplaceable smiles and loud cheers ヽ(^◇^*)/

And so, here we have uploaded commemorative photos of the memories of everyone who took part in the memorable very first show ☆ at Aomori ♪

For today too, let’s release all our power and get so hot that we’ll forget the cold outside, and have the very best live (^o^)/