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30 May 2013. 02:00

Did everyone enjoy themselves for the very first 2DAYS at Aomori~??

This is satoru, and I’ll be updating the Blog today!
Please support me m(__)m

The 3 of us from the acrobatics team grew up in Aomori, so the first shows in these 2days were really anxious and exciting for us ( ^ω^ )

Well, one probably always feels more nervous when that venue is someplace special to you…

And then, on Day 1, Director Arakawa, who was my coach in high school, came to see us!

For Day 2, tomoki & katsuyuki’s beloved university coach, Director Uchida came to see us too!

These 2 former teachers are really precious to us, and they really taught us lots of things.

They’re like the “axis” that allowed us to be able to perform now on AYU-san’s stage.

And they came to watch us at the Aomori shows.

So it’s natural that we were nervous, right? m(__)m (laugh)

And then, the juniors from our high school and university came to watch us too!

Thinking of our teachers and juniors coming to support us, I cried a little during the very last song.

Remembering the tough but fun life we had at Aomori, and making a decision to continue to work hard in the future, and full of gratitude that they had helped to bring us up…

I’m really grateful to have been able to stand on ayu-san’s stage at Aomori.

Thank you so so much!!!

These are all the juniors who came to watch us!

Aomori University Acrobatics Team, under Director Uchida

Aomori Yamada High School Acrobatics Team, under Director Arakawa

There’s a lot of us! (laugh)

And so, let’s change the topic, to Aomori food!

When we talk of Aomori food, we need to talk of fish!

When we talk of fish, we need to talk of tuna!

With that, ta-da! ( ^ω^ )

LICO & a tuna head! (laugh)

It was super delicious! Definitely from Aomori!!!

To all the audience who came to watch the Aomori shows, how was it???

We all got super high, didn’t we!!!

The tour will continue for a long time yet, but we’ll continue to work hard, with all the feelings from Aomori etched onto our hearts (*^^*)

Actually, I wanted to write today’s Blog entry in the native Aomori dialect!!!

But actually?? (laugh)

I wasn’t born in Aomori itself, so I don’t know the dialect T^T (laugh)

But I’ll work on it!!! ( ̄▽ ̄) (laugh)

And so, that was performer satoru! (laugh)

Thank you for reading till the end (*^^*)