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30 May 2013. 12:30

Here are some photos from Hamasaki Ayumi’s very first!! Aomori shows ☆ in these 15 years!

Everyone was amazingly high even before show start for Day 2 too-!!!
It was an explosion of power from the Aomori people even before show start! Thank you ☆

And then…
We took some photos of some wonderful people ☆

When we talk about acrobatics, it’s definitely Aomori!

When we talk about Aomori…?

KATSUYUKI-san, karano~♪ヽ(´▽`)/

TOMOKI-san ☆ SATORU-san ☆

They’re really so awesome this year too!!!
They do put up the coolest performances (*^^*)

The cheers at Aomori were really amazing-!!

Thank you so much to everyone who came for the 2days at Aomori, for your warmth, the best smiles and power!! We look forward to meeting with everyone again!

And so.
Today’s last photo… is of him ♪

SHU-YA-saan before his meal ☆
And so, let’s meet at Fukui next-!!!