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Osaka Jou Hall ☆ Day 3!!!
22 July 2013. 20:20

We’re back! Osaka! ( ^ ^ )/

We’re back at Osaka Jou Hall after a 2-month break!

And then, 20 July was finally the finale of the location shows!!!

With that, we had Day 1 of our 2days at Osaka (actually the 3rd show at Osaka)!

The sun was really strong and summery outside the venue, but it was even more hot and steamy inside. We really got so high that night!!!

The Osaka shows are also legendary for the “loud voices”, and the cheers and screams from the Osaka audience was really amazing! o(≧▽≦)o

And so, let’s upload all of the commemorative photos of the memories of the Osaka audience, who went all out and got super high! (^-^)/

Thank you so much for cooperating with our photographers!