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Finale answer?
30 July 2013. 23:20


The 15th Anniversary tour, which lasted for 28 shows in 12 locations, has successfully concluded at sacred ground Yoyogi!!

… Wow, I’m still all excited about it… But first!!! Let’s update with an entry from the semi-finale! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

So what? ←

Well, all of a sudden, I decided to host a finale kanji writing quiz!! (laugh) ← That was sudden

The question was…

Write down the kanji which means the closing of the curtain after the tour ↓↓

The word is pronounced “donchou”.
(Misa’s note: Correct way of writing is ‘緞帳’)

Yes!! Hmm, that’s a hard one!! (laugh)

Can everyone write it~?

And so, quickly!

I dashed to the dancers and performance team—-!
I’m sure they could write it— ♪

However, everyone… was really stumped. (laugh)
(Actually, I was stumped too… but let’s keep that a secret. laugh)

Firstly, let’s have those who had similar answers… ♪

↑ Dancer ☆ZIN☆
With that towel around his head, he really looks like he’s ready to cook some tempura don. (laugh)
But wow, he can draw so well! (laugh)

↑ Dancer ☆KO☆
His handwriting just looks so confident that his answer is correct, but it’s wrong~!!! (laugh)

↑ Performer ☆KATSUYUKI☆
Chairman Katsuyuki… Somehow so reserved. (laugh)

↑ Performer ☆KUNI☆
A long don! That doesn’t make sense! (laugh)

↑ Performer ☆YOSSY☆
Erm, that’s a body part there~ (laugh) Don’t try to distract us with that cute look~

Anyway, I guess the ‘don’ team were really hungry~.. (laugh)
Well, it was just after the rehearsal, so… But that’s not the point!

Let’s continue…

↑ Dancer ☆LICO☆
I~ said~ Don’t try to distract us with that cute look!! (laugh)

↑ Performer ☆SATORU☆
Well, will this turn out to be as dull as a notebook? (laugh)

Some more answers with the same kanji ♪

↑ Dancer ☆KAZUMA☆
It’s like he’s saying “I’m super dull!!!”? (laugh)

↑ Dancer ☆EMI☆
Her expression asks “How did I do?”, but it’s the wrong answer-!!! (laugh)

Check out the other answers- ♪

↑ Performer ☆SYU☆
Well, that looks right? But it’s not!! That kanji doesn’t exist. (laugh)

↑ Performer ☆TOMOKI☆
That’s a greedy don~ (laugh)

↑ Performer ☆SUKE3☆
Erm… That’s definitely wrong!!!!! (laugh)

↑ Dancer ☆Midori☆
Mido-san… That totally reads ‘danmaku’. (laugh)

↑ Dancer ☆KAYANO☆
“Oops, I wrote ‘makuhari’? ♡”. Don’t say it so cutely-! (laugh)

↑ Dancer ☆SHU-YA☆
Ehh, SHU-YA-san, this has nothing to do with the kanji, but…
Your eyes… seem larger than usual!! (laugh)

↑ Dancer ☆SUBARU☆
For some reason, I thought that he was really clever in that moment… But it’s wrong, wrong!

And so. The correct answer!!



It’s quite difficult to write…

But, eh, eh eh?!!

Someone got it correct!

Yes. There’s one person who hasn’t been featured yet??

↑ Dancer ☆2ーYAN

Hyuu~ ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

Ohh! Ohh! Ohh!!!!!!!! Awesome——-!!!!!

…But… Why is he smirking? Why? Why? (laugh)

Those interested, go ask 2-YAN yourself. (laugh)

Dancers, performers, thank you for taking part-!!

And so, I’ll come again to update on the finale ♪( ´θ`)ノ Look forward to that!

A-CHORUS ★ miccie