Hamasaki Ayumi’s well-received 15th Anniversary Arena Tour will be released as a LIVE CD & LIVE DVD/Blu-ray soon!
Furthermore, preorders made at the tour venues will get a free download of that day’s “live soundtrack” as a free gift after the show!!

“ayumi hamasaki 15th Anniversary TOUR A ~A BEST LIVE~”, the nationwide arena tour to celebrate her commemorative 15th Anniversary, is just as the title describes, a collection of the “best of the best” tracks performed live at 14 locations for 28 shows. With ayu’s wish to “choose songs together with everyone who has supported me thus far”, all tracks ever released in the past 15 years since debut “poker face” were put up for fans to vote, and a tracklist featuring the very strongest hit songs was created for this everlasting keepsake premium live!
The end to this 2013 tour will be held on 28 July at sacred ground National Yoyogi First Gymnasium, of which a complete recording will be made for release!

The limited first press edition of the DVD/Blu-ray will come with a photobook filled with precious photos from tour rehearsals and backstage shots at all the different tour locations! Photographed by Ryan Chan, the one who created the well-received photobook “15th Anniversary BOOK” released as part of the tour goods, and with a commentary written by Tsuriya based on ayu’s real quotes, this proves to be a grand release!

Furthermore! All customers who preorder the LIVE CD, LIVE DVD/Blu-ray at the tour venue’s CD booth will be entitled to a free download of the “live soundtrack” of one of the songs performed during that day’s performance, a super rare gift limited to each day!! This is a first for ayu, so please do check out this precious gift of a memento of “that day’s voice”!


2013.9.18 in stores
“ayumi hamasaki 15th Anniversary TOUR A ~A BEST LIVE~”

A selection of the best 14 tracks from the finale shows of the 15th Anniversary nationwide arena tour “ayumi hamasaki 15th Anniversary TOUR ~A BEST LIVE~” (27~28 July @ Yoyogi First Gymnasium) in the first ever live CD! The best hit songs taken from a setlist of fan voted “best”s. Featuring impressive live vocal performances and ayu’s emotional voice, ayu’s “song” can only be heard in this CD!

Includes fan favourites “Key ~eternal tie ver.~” and “teddy bear”, performed during the two finale shows, as well as 15th Anniversary commemorative track “Tell All”! Accompanied by the live band and audience cheers, the essence of live performance can be found in this best live album!!

Purchase link: [HERE]

01.A Song for ××
02.Memorial address
03.poker face
04.Fly high
06.No way to say
10.Tell All
12.Key ~eternal tie ver.~
13.teddy bear


2013.10.30 in stores
“ayumi hamasaki 15th Anniversary TOUR A ~A BEST LIVE~”

【DVD 2-disc + Live Photo Book】
※First press limited
*Comes with LIVE PHOTO BOOK (88 pages)
*Comes with gold-leaf embossed & hologram jacket cover
Purchase link: [HERE]

【DVD 2-disc】
Purchase link: [HERE]


【Blu-ray + Live Photo Book】
※First press limited
*Comes with LIVE PHOTO BOOK (88 pages)
*Comes with gold-leaf embossed & hologram jacket cover

Purchase link: [HERE]

Purchase link: [HERE]

Contents (identical for all 4 releases)

00. interlude
01. A Song for XX
02. Memorial address
03. Massive Trance Station
04. poker face
05. Fly high
08. M
09. No way to say
10. You & Me
12. innervisions
15. ever free
16. Wake me up
17. Tell All
18. SURREAL ~ evolution ~ SURREAL
19. Voyage
20. teddy bear
21. Sunrise ~LOVE is ALL~
22. Boys & Girls
23. Who…
<double encore>
24. MY ALL

★SCREEN Movies (2 titles)


■TOUR Venue Preorders

【Free Gift】
Free download of the “live soundtrack” of one of the songs performed during that day’s performance!

【How to preorder & download free gift】
(1) Fill in the preorder form at the tour venue’s CD booth, and pay for the item and delivery fee.
(2) A free gift download card will be issued to the customers who have made a preorder.
(3) After the LIVE, follow the instructions on the download card to download the free gift.

【Free gift download card design】

Grey: Day 1 at each location
Pink: Day 2 at each location
※Postcard size

【Relevant live dates】
22, 23 June – Kobe World Memorial Hall
29, 30 June – Nippon Gaishi Hall
6, 7 July – Sekisuiheim Super Arena
13, 14 July – Hiroshima Green Arena
20, 21 July – Osaka Jou Hall
27, 28 July – National Yoyogi First Gymnasium

– Free gift download is limited to smartphones (iPhone inclusive) only.
– Free gift download will be released within 1 hour after the live ends.
– The live soundtrack will differ for each show.
– The download start time may be delayed due to technical issues.
– The preordered item will be delivered on the release date, but may reach the customer at differing dates due to distance from place of issue or traffic conditions.
– Downloads for all shows will end on 31 August 2013 at 23:59.
– Contents can only be downloaded within the specified time frame.
– 1 QR code can only be used by 1 device.
– Works on smartphones with iOS 5.0.1 or Android OS 2.3 or higher.
– Not available on feature phones, PHS, tablets (iPad inclusive) and PCs.
– Some phones may not be able to access all aspects of the download procedure.
– All connection and transmission charges will be borne by the customer.
– The download card will not be reissued under any circumstances.
– Cancellations of preorders will not be allowed.
– The price of the item and delivery fee must be paid in full.
– Release dates for the LIVE CD and DVD/Blu-ray are different, so delivery fees will differ accordingly.