13 November 2013. 13:10:29

Sweating… _| ̄|◯

The temperature difference is killing me… _| ̄|◯

But just bathing in the sun’s rays is a true energy charge ♪

When I stepped off the plane today, I was bathed in so much sunshine that my body doesn’t even register the jetlag ♪


Just as I was thinking that.
13 November 2013. 17:56:21

The jetlag is slowly catching up to me. (laugh)

Ahh, so hungry.
I wanna eat grilled meat.

But it’s almost 1am over here… No no! It’s just my mind!!

Skirt steak, an off-menu item… No, it’s just my mind!!!


13 November 2013. 18:17:28

Suffering from jetlag now.

There I was talking about wanting to eat skirt steak, but I uploaded a photo of beef tongue instead…


Alright, here is the off-menu skirt steak that’s tempting my tummy now!!!


13 November 2013. 20:00:58

I’ve been so undecided about what to do with my hair that I went to look through my past photos, and I’ve found something amazing.

Well, it’s not from that long ago… (laugh)

I’ve even gone through a phase with this colour. (laugh)
3-4 weeks after this, I went to the salon to get it off. (laugh)


Short hair…? Or long hair…?

Bright colours will look good with short hair ^ ^
But if I keep it long, I’d like a dark colour ^ ^


Still undecided…