Last today.
17 November 2013. 07:59:01

This is it. ・°°・(>_<)・°°・。

The last day!

It’ll be nice if we can end off with lots of uploads ^ ^v

Firstly, this morning’s weather over here~♪

It’s still quite hot here ^_^;

p.s. ☆
To athlete Ebizou.
You were the sensational one at that party 100 years ago, not me. (laugh)


Bosom buddies husband and wife combi.
17 November 2013. 09:00:14

My bosom buddies husband and wife combi Christof & Gabrielle ^ ^

I often attend parties and go out for dinner with them, so we share lots of good times together ♪


An hungry and undecided me smiling as I search for food. (laugh)

Everyone, is Japanese food your favourite cuisine? ^ ^


Tanning weather ♡
17 November 2013. 10:00:55

Today’s weather is great, so when I flew out to the garden in the morning…

It’s tanning time ♪───O(≧∇≦)O────♪
Just for a little while ♡

I highly recommend this tanning body cream!!!

But I don’t want to tan my face, so I’m not applying it there ♡


To the Tokyo Ebizou athlete.
17 November 2013. 11:59:42

He has come to this blog to leave a comment.
Thank you m(__)m

Hawaii looks wonderful!
Please continue this blog

Hmm, well…

I’m not in Hawaii!!!

It’s not Hawaii just because there are palm trees here, you know? (laugh)

And to be frank, you haven’t been reading my blog, have you? (laugh)


Oh! ∑(゚Д゚)

Do you really not know… ((((;゚Д゚)))))))?!?!


Mao-san, thank you for coming to watch my LIVE ♡
As it was your 7th time, I guess you’re a fan. (laugh)
Eagerly waiting for you to come again m(__)m♡


17 November 2013. 14:00:18

I really really really love weekend brunches ♡

Especially the brunch here ♡

Yes, it’s The Ivy at Robertson Boulevard ♡

My first time here was over 10 years ago.
Whenever I’m here, I’ll surely meet someone I know, so that’s another thing I love about coming here ^ ^♪


17 November 2013. 15:51:05

I love fireplaces ♡

I’m a true fireplace fan. (laugh)

I have fireplaces both indoors and outdoors, here as well as in my Tokyo home ♡

Especially in this season, I’ll bring some home-cooked food, white wine and a blanket out into the garden and sit in front of the fireplace. Lazing in the warmth, such times are true bliss-♡

Has Tokyo turned cold?
Can everyone still sit out on the terrace at restaurants with heaters by their sides? ^ ^

Let’s have a fireplace night ♪


17 November 2013. 18:05:12

Japanese food is truly my favourite!
And the champion is definitely sushi~!!!

My favourite sushi place here is Jinpochi ♡

And here’s my special seat ♡

I mean, I can totally see the entire process of how the chef creates his artistic sushi art from above. (Sorry for always staring. (laugh))

Iron chef in the flesh. Broadcasting only for me. ←

My face as I looked back was just too excited.

Such a kid! (laugh)

Japanese food is truly world heritage!!!!!


To everyone.
17 November 2013. 20:16:06

One week is really such a short time, but I really had so much fun talking to everyone!

And I received lots of important experiences!

With great reluctance…
This will be the last post. 。・°°・(>_<)・°°・。

Always, always, never let your smile go away.
Don’t sacrifice happiness for sorrow.
Don’t lose sight of one for the sake of many.

Let’s live our lives as ourselves, with irreplaceable moments!!!

With that, thank you everyone ♪───O(≧∇≦)O────♪

Could it be? An A-mark cloud in the sky!

p.s. ☆

To athlete Ebizou.
Hawaii’s ayu-san (laugh) will now take her leave, after entrusting the future of ameblo to you.
I’ll be counting on you!! ^_-☆