Our GOUNN tour
which started out on 28 September, Saturday, at Wakayama’s Big Whale

has ended successfully yesterday!
We had our tour finale
at Sekisui Super Arena in Miyagi (*^ω^*)

Starting at Wakayama,
we went to Nagano, Fukuoka, Okayama, Ehime, Oita, Tokushima… Then, Miyagi

To everyone who waited for us at each venue
And everyone who created this wonderful live together with us

For all your support, thank you Image

And then,
we also received so much support yesterday
from lots of people at their various venues, thank you too (*´ω`*)

And then,
to everyone who came for the goods sales at Saitama Super Arena’s Community Hall, even though we didn’t perform there,
thank you so much!

And then, to everyone who supported us in one way or another,
thank you so much ヾ(*・ω・*)ノ

Aa-ah, the autumn tour is over.

This tour might have lasted for 2 months, but it’s been a long tour for Momoclo.
Maybe it was because of this that our setlist didn’t really change much,
but Aarin felt that the tour grew and evolved on its own throughout the venues.

Of course, all the lives we’ve done thus far
are special and one-of-a-kind, a concert which couldn’t have been born anywhere else.

Aarin feels really fulfilled now Image
Though she still somehow wishes for everyone at lots of other places to see this show too

It’s a little lonely. So complicated (´・ω・`)

Did everyone experience and enjoy Momoclo’s GOUNN world?

Aarin really enjoyed herself, and truly felt happy!

To perform a live with this perspective and theme,
To spend the same time with everyone and feel the same energy…
That made her really happy-.

Thank you so much Image

To all the dancers,
your powerful dance filled with your burning souls was the best ( ̄▽ ̄)

Thank you Image

As for today’s live~
Lots of things had happened.

Wow, what should Aarin talk about? (laugh)

Maybe reading the article on natalie-san is easier (laugh)

We performed the new song which miwa-san wrote for us “Itsuka kimi ga” for the first time…
And the release date for the DVD and Blu-ray of “Nissan Summer’s Baka Sawagi”!

And the mysterious “Twinkle 5”

As for Aarin, she tried Rough Style and fell flat on the ground (´・д・`)!

She took a tumble… (laugh)
It hurt… (laugh)
The mic took a hit too…

Wonder if the mic’s ok…

Why did she try, of all things, Rough Style-?! (laugh)

Aarin thinks she made a hole too! (laugh)

It was so embarrassing, she couldn’t look at anyone (laugh)

But then, she just pretended that it didn’t happen (laugh)

The live continued…
We lighted up the penlights, and then
changed into cute angel costumes… And then-

The frills on Aarin’s shoulder fell off with a plop~ (´・ω・`)

“Aahn. It must be because you’re a devil!”

Could- this- be-?
The broken wing…

It’s deja-vu!
It’s chapter 2… of the Haru Seibu wing incident!

It’s the “Aarin can’t fly” series!

At Haru Seibu, wings were reversed (not Aarin’s fault) → can’t fly
Today, wings broken → can’t fly

Aah- Aah-!

And lots of people at the LIVE saw it too (laugh)

Aarin worries about the next time she has to wear a costume with wings (´・_・`)

To the costumes staff, sorry-!

But it was really the best tour!

Thank you, everyone!

Ah!! Thank you for the double encore too (*´ω`*)

Even though Aarin couldn’t take part, everyone’s feelings were delivered to her!
She could hear everyone’s calls from backstage!

She was so happy Image

Thank you (`・ω・´)

And then, one more thing.

A thing which made Aarin so happy that her heart hurt.
…Coming in the next entry.



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