Thank you for soooooo… soooooooooo many cute flowers
at Miyagi Sekisui Super Arena yesterday (*´艸`*)

Aarin was really happy (`・ω・´)!

And then, and then,
thank you to everyone
for all your congratulatory comments!

Today is the 5th Anniversary

of the day Aarin joined Momoclo.

Thank you to everyone who remembered (*∩ω∩)

5 years ago, Aarin was still an elementary school kid
when she became a member of Momoclo.

To everyone who started supporting her since then,
and to everyone she hadn’t yet met at that time
but is supporting her now.

Everyone, thank you!

Of course,
thank you
to all the hako oshi too!

Aarin feels so blessed
to be congratulated by everyone (*∩ω∩)

These 5 years… weren’t filled with only happy things

Lots of things have happened-

But for the painful and sad things,
she didn’t really want everyone to know about those.

Yes, those things happen too (´・ω・`)

However, even during times when her heart felt crushed
She never once thought about quitting Momoclo.

Because everyone is helping Aarin to smile.

Because what gives Aarin strength
are the people who support Aarin.

She receives so much love
from everyone who supports her

Thank you all so much!


Please support her in the future too Image

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