We had the tour finale yesterday!
For this tour, we performed at 8 locations!
That’s more locations than the previous 5th tour, but it was great!
Yesterday’s Tohoku was the hottest place in the universe ( ´ ▽ ` )
The beef tongue we ate for lunch was delicious, and the Momoiro Clover Z bamboo grass pot Takamasa-san from the Kamabako main shop made for us!
I ate it too! Thankfully, it was all sold out at yesterday’s venue!
But but, it’s still available at the store and on the online shop, so please get it together with the other goods ☆ Let’s be friends!
And then, the Onagawa Saigai FM people and Takamasa-san came to enjoy the show too. We also received messages from the Grade 1 and 2 kids from Onagawa Elementary. Plus we got so crazy at the venue. I really felt so much love!

Thank you, everyone Image
We really felt the friendship!
I love that about Miyagi ( ´ ▽ ` )

And then, thank you to everyone who came to watch the live streaming too Image

After the show, the Onagawa Saigai FM people said this to us!
“Thank you to Momoclo-san for lending us a helping hand”
When we were the ones who should be thanking them.

I want to say thank you too.
Thank you, Tohoku!

The tour has ended successfully. To the dancers-san, staff-san, and all the Mononofu across the nation!
The GOUNN tour turned out wonderful because of everyone’s efforts!

Thank you all so so much!