Overflowing with all the things I want to say-!!! Image

There’s so so many emotions from the tour I want to tell of

And the Momokuri-limited CD which is to be released
With lyrics and composition done by Hirose Koumi-san and Takamizawa-san (from THE ALFEE)

And the BD & DVD releases of the Nissan Stadium live…

And Aarin’s 5th Anniversary…

Aah— There’s no end to the list (sweatdrop)

And then,
we took part in the Rakuten fan thanksgiving event on Saturday (Oh, about the relay race, Shhh- ^^;)

To be able to congratulate Maa-kun and the Rakuten Eagles personally,
that was the greatest joy (*^Θ^*)

Ah! Oh yes ♪
“Bokura no ongaku” will be broadcast this Friday.
We’ll be having a dialogue session with Maa-kun
about stuff, including our collab with miwa-san

Wow, it’s really just a series of various happy things,
I’m sorry I came so late to report to everyone (TΘT)

I need to write about something important ^^;



has been confirmed to perform at Kouhaku- .:*:゜☆ Image Image

This and everything else
is really thanks to everyone (*T T*)

Thank you so much .:*:゜☆ Image Image Image Image

And thank you for all the congratulatory comments, “good job” comments, and everything else (*^^*)

Everyone’s words make me the happiest! Image

Alright, we’ll be spending the same time
with everyone who has supported us at Kouhaku this year too-!!!

Please watch over us  Image


1. Maa-kun is the nickname for baseball player Tanaka Masahiro, a professional baseball starting pitcher for the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles of Nippon Professional Baseball, and a fan of Momoclo.