Everyone, thank you so much-!!

It’s been 2 days since the announcement,
and I’m still so happy and somewhat nervous! (laugh)

On the car back today, Kawakami-san and I chatted the whole way about Kouhaku too (*^^*)
About how awesome it is-!!

Ah, as a form of congratulations,
Daddy and little bro went out yesterday and bought lots of red and white stuff! (laugh)

Radishes and apples, red and white fishpaste, red pens and white pens, strawberry yoghurt and plain yoghurt, red and white flowers, red and white coat hangers
And more…

What is this? (laugh)

As expected of them (lol)
But I was happy (。-∀-) Image

All the congratulations from everyone made me happy too.
I was so busy reading texts from friends and comments from everyone that I missed my bullet train stop, even though I was wide awake! Image

Why did you do this to me-?!
Shifting the blame to everyone… (laugh)

Mummy got angry at my carelessness too. I wonder if I’ll survive Kouhaku this way (lol)

But there’s still so much to do before New Year’s Eve (*゜▽゜*) So excited ♪

We did filming for Momoclo-chan today (´ω`)

It was too much fun, and so interesting
That was how today was (゜▽゜)

And there were so many illuminations along the way home (*´∀`)♪

It’s winter-!!