ayu / Ayumi Hamasaki

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Message found in photobook “ayu”.

Let me do this properly—

Nice to meet you, I am Hamasaki Ayumi.

I have been writing lyrics and singing since the age of 19.

The first lyric I wrote as Hamasaki Ayumi was “poker face”.

At first, the idea that my thoughts would be delivered to someone through song,
gave me a really wondrous feeling.

However, since then, I learnt that songs continue to grow and live on,
due to the people who feel for them.

The fact that songs are my life
have made me happy at times, sad at others.

Being “Hamasaki Ayumi”
has also brought me joy as well as pain.

However, I have lived through 15 years this way. And now,

I am really grateful
to have lived my life as “Hamasaki Ayumi”.

Hamasaki Ayumi’s 15 years
were 15 years given by the people
who loved her songs and helped them grow.

From now on, I will continue to sing with honesty.
And I pray that my songs will continue to live on in a corner of someone’s heart and life.

I want to continue to sing and live my life, incorporating this unreasonable prayer into each and every song.

My songs, which remain alive somewhere.
To all the people who have shown unwavering love to them all this while,
and to all the poeple I may meet in the future through them,

I thank you from my heart.