AYU’s Message

Yes! Hello hello. I should have said this last month, but Ayu-chin’s “Pola Pola Diary” has reached its 1st Anniversary (!!)
People continue to evolve day after day.
So, in order to progress, I’ve decided to hold a revamp meeting!!!
The theme of the meeting is “Ayu’s Deji Deji Diary”.
Well, this is because we’ll be getting larger pages from next month onwards.
Kyaa— I’m so looking forward to that!!
And so, following last month’s announcement, Chapter 2 of the Dome Tour will all be captured in polaroids… Hyurururur~~u
Don’t forget to write in the comments. Why am I talking to myself?
With that, for the first issue of this revamped segment, we have 2 stories, “Bancho’s Birthday” & “The princess, so happy and excited with sparklers that she collapsed”.
Alright, please continue to support me in the future. *bow*



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Photo Comments

Photo number Captions


Orange: Bancho’s Birthday
Red: Bancho’s boyfriend
Main: Congrats, Bancho!! I’m keeping the identity of your darling a secret- And you there! Stop counting the candles


Main: Ashi-chan and friends, the new stylists, here at KOJI-kun’s place. They fit in perfectly. Is that alright~?!


White: Bancho’s Birthday
Main: Look at this group!! And their craziness!!! But we’re really serious when it comes to dressing up. *The princess is the horse!


Main: It was my first sparklers at the beach, and it was so awesome, so I went all-out. Yeah, we continued till 3 or 4am into the night. Oi oi


Main: Well, the word “ero” has become very popular recently. I think it means “love”!!
Speech: Bancho, talking “ero” on the phone in front of the sparklers.


Main: This is his first appearance. He is Juri-chan!! Yeah. Juri hit me on the head, and I have a bruise now, aren’t you feeling guilty…? By the way, Juri’s owner is Tou-chan.