In my previous blog entry…
I wrote about the Mr Children album
going on sale around this time…

Sorry, sorry!! I made a mistake! Image Image
It was released a year ago de-ariyasu (・Θ・;;)

It was because Mama told me that she’d preordered the DVD, which is to be released this month,
and when I heard that the album of the same name was released on 28 November,
I just assumed that the album was released this year too! (>Θ<)

Well, well. And the other songs I know of give me this really existential feeling,
which is somehow strange~ ^^;

Erm… I guess you don’t know what I’m saying, huh? Image

Uuuuh… I’m bad at explaining things, as usual de-ariyasu (TΘT)

Oh well, either way, I needed to correct my error… (*_ _)

Please forgive me n(_~_)n
Here’s a photo of some imitation… I mean, illumination trees
that Furu-chan took and sent to me

And that was Momoka, lacking in both girl power and story-telling skills.
This is the end of this blog update (・Θ・)