AYU’s Message

Hello. Did everyone enjoy the revamped Deji Deji Diary last month-?!
We’ll be getting these large pages from today onwards, so I’ll get to work.
Hmm, this month features shots from L.A., where I went to film the PV and jacket cover of the latest single, released on 27 September… Kyaa-!! Such a rare chance!
By the way, the long fur coat I wore in the PV and on the jacket cover was a present- Yep! Isn’t it cute-?
And then, I’ve been obsessed with black x neon nails (Bancho’s recommendation) recently. Fufufu.
I’ll update more on that next month-.
One more thing. I’ve grown tired of blonde hair, so for autumn- It’s black highlights!! That’s awesome.
Going all-black looks unpleasant, but blonde hair with black highlights is just so adult-like.
The princess won’t mind multi-coloured highlights (light -> dark), actually!
Ah, this has gone on too long
So! Please take a look~ at the photos~


 photo deji15_zpsbe476067.jpg

Photo Comments

Photo number Captions


A face between Ayu’s legs… Just who is that?!


Hmm, this was taken while we were frolicking in the sea. I chose this photo because Ayu’s manager Kou-chan on the right looks like he was just wearing underwear, which made me laugh. (lol) That’s all.


This one… was taken at the Santa Monica beach. We had a tough day, and the weather wasn’t great, so everyone looks slightly tired. But we all revived with a BBQ after that!! We’re just so easy to please!! (laugh)


Alright. Malibu beach. Today’s a sunny day. Today’s a sunny day. With high spirits–!! Everyone, jump x 100. Yahoo———


Erm, I had an unreasonable urge to jump right into the sea, so I just rushed in with all my clothes still on. Beside me was Chika-san, please support her