When Aarin was a child, mummy used to read 2~3 storybooks to her every night as she lay curled up inside her futon~

Aarin would pick which books she wanted to hear, and say “Please read this one today” (*´ω`*)

It was during times like that
when she was glad to be an only child, because she could have mummy all to herself~

And Aarin even got to pick which books she wanted Image (laugh)

She almost never fell asleep until all the books had been read.

She loved those times (*´艸`*)

That’s why, whenever she goes travelling,
she would bring along numerous storybooks and soft toys! (laugh)

Now, it’s definitely time for some stories on Christmas Image Image

Aarin’s favourite Christmas stories are…

“Is Santa Claus real?”
“Thank you, Santa-san”

Does everyone know these stories too? ヾ(*・ω・*)ノ

It’s been a long time since she last read these books by herself Image

“Yes yes! That’s how it goes! Image

So nostalgic (*^ω^*)

But it’s still a little different…

In the end,
Aarin prefers to have the stories read to her, than to read them herself! (`・ω・´)

Image Sasaki Ayaka Image