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COUNTDOWN LIVE 2013-2014 A Day 1 OPEN!!!
29 December 2013. 16:14

There’s 3 days left in this year.

How will everyone spend these days?

So, when we talk about year end, we’ll think of the annual Countdown Live!

This year too, we’re holding “ayumi hamasaki COUNTDOWN LIVE 2013-2014 A” over 3days at the sacred ground, National Yoyogi First Gymnasium, as a finale to this 15th debut Anniversary memorial year!!!

Today is Day 1, so we bring to you photos of the goods booths at the venue!!!

The line-up this time features the Countdown logo ☆

The booths are super popular, and lots of fans starting queuing up in the cold really early.

People, people, people…

The queue reached all the way to the Second Gymnasium next door! w(゚o゚)w

After shopping, everyone headed over to the THANK SOUP corner near the venue entrance

I think I’ll head over to the “New Year soba booth A”, back after 3 years, for some soba to warm my cold body (*^^*)

Did I successfully convey the feeling of the “venue passion that’s already burning up!!!!!”?

And so, COUNTDOWN LIVE 2013-2014 A Day 1 will continue to get higher~ (^-^*)/