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COUNTDOWN LIVE 2013-2014 A Day 2 Over!!!
31 December 2013. 17:10

Countdown Live Day 2 ended successfully on a crazy note.

Those who took part in both days strongly felt that “lives are alive”, and then “ayu’s lives evolve through every show”. It was the bestest best live full of surprises and emotions (*≧∇≦)/

The audience’s cheers and power were amazing, and the “passion” of the audience and performers synergized to create a wonderful live that was surrounded in so much hot hot steam that the venue never felt cool! (゚∇^*)

And so! Here are lots of commemorative photos of the memories of the smiles of everyone who took part in “ayumi hamasaki COUNTDOWN LIVE 2013-2014 A” ~Day 2~ ☆

(These handmade original uchiwa are awesome ☆)

We spotted lots of lovely cosplayers on Day 2 too, and they made the venue so grand (^_^)

Thank you so much for cooperating with our photographer despite the cold!

Finally, today is “ayumi hamasaki COUNTDOWN LIVE 2013-2014 A” ~finale~!!! (^▽^)/

And then! ayu will be performing as top batter for the 6th consecutive year at the “64th NHK Kouhaku Utagassen” at 19:15~ (NHK General) (this is also her 15th consecutive year performing there)!!!

Don’t miss out on that!!! (^_-)-☆