Posted on 2014-01-24 00:04:18

on your transfer to the New York Yankees!

It’s so awesome, every channel on TV
is talking about Maa-kun…

You’ll have to go to USA soon-!

And Maa-kun’s dream will come true! (^^)

Please do really really rea—lly well in the Major League and be a legend! (`・ω・´)

Maa-kun, we’ll be waiting
for news of your great feats to reach Japan (*´ω`*)

We’ll be supporting you!

Please don’t forget about Momoclo
when you go to the USA! (´・ω・`)

Oh, plea—se don’t forget
your Momoclo DVDs! Ok? 

We’ll also work hard
so that we can grasp our dreams!

Sekai no Maa-kun, number 1!

 Sasaki Ayaka 


1. Maa-kun is the nickname for baseball player Tanaka Masahiro, a professional baseball starting pitcher and a fan of Momoclo. He had recently been signed on to the New York Yankees.