Posted on 2014-01-25 23:39:03

Yankeez → I meant, Yankees

Oh dear, sorry for all the typos… ^^;

I get the feeling that I’m probably
worse at spelling than the average person!…

…What’s worse,
I don’t even have a large vocabulary in the first place ^^;

always tells me that I have to watch more TV
and read more newspapers and books (・Θ・;)

Yep…Well, I do listen to lots of music!

Ah! Yes yes,
There’s this song on bankband that I’ve been listening to lots lately ♪

It’s a song by GOING UNDER GROUND-san
It’s just so cool,
and after I found it on Google
I just can’t stop listening to it (*^Θ^*)

Ah! And salyu-san too
And Okamura Yasuyuki-san, who likes Kahlua and Milk
And Rebon and Strange Chameleon
I like them all, so I always search for their original songs to listen

And my list of favourite songs grows longer slowly
This feeling of a wide knowledge of music is really exciting ♪
(Oh! I listen to Western music too-)

And then, any song
that’s performed by Sakurai-san, will just become Sakurai-san’s song

That’s true for all musicians
When they sing a song, it is reborn with their voice and perspective

That’s why I love listening to song covers (*’-’*)

It’s like~ A new perspective created by the band

And when the fans come in as well,
it becomes a single entity!!

That feeling of creating music together

That feeling of looking each other in the eyes, coordinating their breathing and timing
Making each and every moment the best

I can’t describe it well,
but playing in a band and doing collabs
creates that moment of sound which is felt by everyone present
That feeling of one-ness that is shared
is just so wonderful to me (*’-’*)

Ah! I’ve always thought this,
but it’s my first time putting it into words ^^;

Ahh- I wanna attend live concerts soon-
I wanna do a live concert soon-

I wanna feel music with everyone! (*>∀<*)

we were at the National Stadium
for a BLT cover photoshoot-
Shinoyama Kishin-san was our cameraman!
Looking forward to his work


1. BLT refers to Beautiful lady’s television, a Japanese magazine.